The truth about PTC sites and money

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The truth about PTC sites and money

Post by electronicsouls on Wed Nov 12, 2008 2:44 am

This is the most important question in PTC industry. Usually, it’s mystery for members but if you know the facts and do some research you will be able to asnwer on this question. The good thing is that you don’t need to know facts and do research now, because i will tell you how this system works.

Owner of PTC is getting income from referral & premium sales and from advertising. Usually 99% of income comes from referral and premium sales. Rest 1% comes from advertisers. The reason is simple, why someone want to pay 20$ for 1000 visits when he can get same amount of visits with the same quality for only 6$?

PTC-site can success only if they have ADVERTISERS. No matter what advertisers advertise, as far they advertise it’s good for PTC-site. Why? Because all income what admin gets from referral and premium sales aren’t income. He need to pay it back to members. All income he gets for advertising is income. Without advertising PTC-site will live only with referral and premium sales and we all know that will fail.

The key for getting advertisers is low click rates. Low click rates with lot of ads is best PTC-site, admin can put lot of his links to advertise and because low click rates he are able to get advertisers, because he are able to charge only 7$ for 1000 visits. Even if the site have low click rates, they need to search for advertisers.

Let’s what happens if the site pays 1c per click to standard members and 100% referral earnings without getting any advertisers:

If the site will get popularity, it will bring investors. In the start lot of people invest in site because it may look good, it gives good ROI and it pays fast. The start is best phase in PTC site for admin and for users. Admin become rich in few weeks rich and investors are making money with the site. This will not last for long.

After two-three weeks investors are getting their ivestment back, while in begin admin paid for all members in couple of days the payout times are now 15/30. Admin needs time to get new investors in site if they are going to pay you. In the 15 days they got new investors and with his money they paid your cashout. This is ponzi shcheme.

Now the nightmare began, investors are worried about their money. They aren’t re-investing in site and admin seems inactive and payments are delaying. Users starting to post on forums about the future of the site. There’s no anymore lot of investment in this site, admin is changing payout times to 30/60d. This is the start of the end.

Admin already know that this site will fail. He has few options left, shut down the site and run away, make fake hack, or make now site? Making new sites seems like the best idea. Admin will get again a lots of money since site is “trusted” and he is able to pay for everyone in his old site. So admin made new site and rat race gan begin. The start looks good again, now admin is making money and running PTC Network. But after few weeks, the case is worster than before. Now he need to pay all the requests in his old and new sites.

Admin knows that it’s impossible. He has no time to make another PTC-site, so he decide to give up. Somehow he will stop paying to members and take some holiday trips to Hawaiji. This is the end of “trusted” admin.


Well there you have the truth people. How do you feel?


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Re: The truth about PTC sites and money

Post by Immortal Technique on Wed Nov 12, 2008 10:27 am

This is the exact replica model of how functions and survives, not all other PTC sites are like this though, be careful.
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